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l0stat statistics

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In a security assessment of password database quality based on L0phtcrack, how could you sumarize a 5000 account results information ? there`s no way if you don`t use an specific utility to do so.

Kryptofile Lite Download

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Protect documents, files, images, and general data using Kryptofile.

KinderGate Parental Control

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KinderGate Parental Control features content filtering based on morphological analysis, vast URL database divided on 70+ categories, download control, safe search, HTTPS support, etc.


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Internet safety is becoming an increasing concern for parents.


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KidDesktop is a kid-friendly Windows desktop alternative providing children ages 3-7 a safe PC learning experience without access to a parent's files, programs, or harmful Internet content.


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KEYfamily is the system of Differentiated Web Surfing (Navigazione Differenziata) that, installed on your home PC, allows you to safely and verifiably access the Internet through your home connection, ensuring to screen out the vision of sites unsuitables for minors and indecent for the contents dispayed.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

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Helps you keep your children safe online without spying on them.


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InvisiPix is a secure image viewer.

Instant LOCK

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Cutting Edge instant Lock technology has a perfect combination of speed and security.

Instant Access

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Instant Access gives you instant access to web sites, search tools, files, folders and programs.

Infinite One-Time Pad

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Infinite One-Time Pad (IO-TP) is super secure text encryption and decryption software.