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Kaspersky KryptoStorage

Kaspersky KryptoStorage icon

Kaspersky KryptoStorage is a basic, but functional program that will allow you to create protected folders and volumes for storing confidential information.

idoo File Encryption

idoo File Encryption icon

idoo File Encryption is an awesome, free Windows program, that is part of the category Security software with subcategory Encryption and has been published by idooencryption.

File Mask

File Mask icon

File Mask is a robust security application designed to encrypt and conceal your private files from prying eyes.

Easy Folder Guard

Easy Folder Guard icon

Easy Folder Guard is a powerful application aiming to settle the problem of folder encryption and protection.

Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition

Diplomat OpenPGP Community Edition icon

Free OpenPGP tool for users that want the security of PGP encryption coupled with automation and ease-of-use.

DataLocker SkyCrypt

DataLocker SkyCrypt icon

Cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive make it fast, easy and affordable to store and share data.


Cryptomite icon

When you are dealing with sensitive information, you might want multiple methods of keeping it safe.


Clicksign icon

Clicksign is a free software only available for Windows.

Blowfish Advanced CS

Blowfish Advanced CS icon

Blowfish Advanced CS is a nice, free software only available for Windows, belonging to the category Security software with subcategory Encryption.

bio-iVault Biometric Encrypted Virtual Drive

bio-iVault Biometric Encrypted Virtual Drive icon

bio-iVault Biometric Encrypted Virtual Drive for Windows is a powerful software program to create and manage biometrically Encrypted Virtual Drives on a computer and other external storage devices by simply scanning its biometric.


AutoKrypt icon

Encryption of files is essential if you're trying to protect sensitive data or are sharing a computer with other people.

Appnimi MD2 Decrypter

Appnimi MD2 Decrypter icon

Appnimi MD2 Decrypter helps in decrypting any MD2 hash string.