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SpyRemover Pro Upgrade

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SpyRemover Pro Upgrade is an upgrade extension for the SpyRemover Pro software program.


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If you have the dangerous habit of using the same password everywhere, or you're tired of having to turn to the password recovery service every time, you should seriously consider using a password manager like SplashID.


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Uncompromisable protection of your intellectual properties from prying eyes, competitors and reverse engineering.

Sphere Of Influence 3.1

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Sphere Of Influence 3.

Sphere Of Influence

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Sphere Of Influence is a Windows based application that can collect syslog information from any device.


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Sookasa transparently protects files across the Dropbox cloud and linked mobile devices, while preserving the native Dropbox user experience on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


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SmokeScreen is a Windows based utility program that can hide any open program in a matter of seconds.


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Description: SkounyCrypt is a very basic text editor with very strong encryption and very fast compression!.

Silver Key

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Sending files securely is a growing concern with an increasing number of potential threats to your privacy lurking on the net.


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ShatterBox is an advanced file eraser software program that functions to hide or even completely erase sensitive files from your computer.

Sentry Professional

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Sentry Professional is a Windows based utility program that can lock down a computer and keep it protected when a user is not around.


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SensiGuard provides robust file and folder encryption, which means that you will never have to worry about your private information leaking out.