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SafeDeleter - Company License

SafeDeleter - Company License icon

"SafeDeleter - Company License is a Windows based utility program that removes hard disk data securely.

Safe`n`Sec Pro Personal

Safe`n`Sec Pro Personal icon

Safe`n`Sec Pro Personal is a Windows based security software program to protect PCs from threats and vulnerabilities.

Safe Calculator

Safe Calculator icon

If you'd like to hide a certain file on your PC or USB drive, Safe Calculator is designed to do just that.

RafaelWare Packaging System (RPAK)

RafaelWare Packaging System (RPAK) icon

This software allows users to package multiple files and put them inside a RPAK package which is very secure, and they can encrypt/compress all or some of the files inside the package.

Remora USB Disk Guard Pro

Remora USB Disk Guard Pro icon

Remora USB Disk Guard Pro is a Windows based application that works as an encryption and compression tool that can run from USB storage devices.


RecentCleaner icon

RecentCleaner is a Windows based utility application that can clear up lists of recent files in various programs.

Real Registry Protector

Real Registry Protector icon

Real Registry Protector is a Windows based utility program that can protect Windows registry values while editing them.


RadiusCP icon

RadiusCP is a Windows based utility program that function on Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems for logging on using Radius Authentication.

QuuSoft Privacy Cleaner

QuuSoft Privacy Cleaner icon

QuuSoft Privacy Cleaner is a Windows based software program that can clear user information from a PC and keep the PC secure.

PTP Email Encryption for Outlook

PTP Email Encryption for Outlook icon

PTP (Person To Person) now lets you email uncrackable files in AutoCrypt(TM) mode.

ProtectUSB Content

ProtectUSB Content icon

With the ProtectUSB Content copy protection you protect your valuable content on USB sticks effectively against illegal copies.

Protectorion Universal Encryption Suite

Protectorion Universal Encryption Suite icon

Protectorion Universal Encryption Suite protects your files, folders and passwords.