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PrivateEye Standard - Commercial

PrivateEye Standard - Commercial icon

PrivateEye Standard – Commercial is a Windows based software program that can secure your computer’s display by locking it when unauthorized activities are monitored near your computer such as someone sneaking from behind to see what’s going on at your computer.

PrivateEye Pro - Personal Use

PrivateEye Pro - Personal Use icon

PrivateEye Pro - Personal Use is an innovative kind of security program that uses a standard webcam and can restrict the files and data displayed if someone sneaks from behind while you are working with those files.

Privacy Safe and Protect Folder

Privacy Safe and Protect Folder icon

Privacy Safe and Protect Folder is a tool for protecting files.

PrimaSoft Encryption Service Edition

PrimaSoft Encryption Service Edition icon

PrimaSoft Encryption Service Edition is a program for encrypting data.

PowerCryptor Free Edition

PowerCryptor Free Edition icon

PowerCryptor Free Edition is advanced and easy to use encryption software.

PowerCryptor Encryption Suite

PowerCryptor Encryption Suite icon

PowerCryptor is a file encryption software that helps you protect your confidential information from prying eyes or unwanted access by helping you encrypt file or folder structures on your computer.

Polar Encrypt

Polar Encrypt icon

Polar Encrypt is a tool for encrypting data.

Point Lock Pro Upgrade

Point Lock Pro Upgrade icon

Point Lock Pro is program that protects data.

pkiNote Free Edition

pkiNote Free Edition icon

pkiNote Free Edition is a free software that can be used to encrypt and digitally sign text using X.509 certificates.


PicoCrypt icon

PicoCrypt is a good, free program only available for Windows, being part of the category Security software with subcategory Encryption.


pfPgpEncryptor icon

Provides interactive UI for defining and managing PGP encryption tasks.


pfEncryptor icon

Provides interactive User Interface for defining and managing encryption tasks.