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Point Lock Pro Upgrade

Point Lock Pro Upgrade icon

Point Lock Pro is program that protects data.

pkiNote Free Edition

pkiNote Free Edition icon

pkiNote Free Edition is a free software that can be used to encrypt and digitally sign text using X.509 certificates.


PicoCrypt icon

PicoCrypt is a good, free program only available for Windows, being part of the category Security software with subcategory Encryption.


pfPgpEncryptor icon

Provides interactive UI for defining and managing PGP encryption tasks.


pfEncryptor icon

Provides interactive User Interface for defining and managing encryption tasks.

Apex PDF Password & Restrictions Remover

Apex PDF Password & Restrictions Remover icon

Remove PDF security software is a usual application that enable to crack PDF file protection.

PDF Protector

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Download PDF Protector Tool for PDF security.

PDF NoCopy for Desktop

PDF NoCopy for Desktop icon

PDF NoCopy for Desktop is simple, easy and free program that helps you, the user, to add DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions to your PDF file.

PC Police Silver

PC Police Silver icon

PC Police Silver is a program that logs programs opened, files accessed, websites visited, and keystrokes typed.

PC Police Professional

PC Police Professional icon

PC Police Professional is program that logs all keystrokes types, files accessed, websites visited, and programs opened.

PC Police Gold

PC Police Gold icon

PC Police Gold is a program that logs keystrokes, Internet sites visited, files and folders accessed, and copied text.

PC Police ChatLogger

PC Police ChatLogger icon

PC Police Chatlogger is a program that works in the background to monitor both sides of a chat conversation.