Category programs

McAfee AntiSpyware

McAfee AntiSpyware icon

McAfee AntiSpyware is an enterprise-class spyware protection tool.

Max Folder Secure

Max Folder Secure icon

Max Folder Secure is a security tool for locking and hiding files and folders with a password.


Masker icon

Masker is a program that encrypts your files so that a password is needed to open them, and then it hides files and folders inside of carrier files, such as image files, video, program or sound files.

Magic File Professional(Ver 6.0)

Magic File Professional(Ver 6.0) icon

Magic File can password-protect any file on your computer.

M-T-P Translator

M-T-P Translator icon

The secret keys can/will/must be exchanged with a person or group.


Lockmydrive icon

LockMyDrive is a simple and convenient tool to protect any information on various data carriers.


Lockbin icon

Lockbin is a free multiplatform program (also available for Mac). It makes part of the category 'Security & Privacy' and the subcategory 'Encryption'.

Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox

Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox icon

Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox is a compact tool to help protect your privacy by encrypting and shredding confidential files. icon


LanAgent Standard

LanAgent Standard icon

LanAgent Standard is a network monitoring software program that allows you to log and monitor information about the activity carried out on all networks from a single administrator.

LanAgent Enterprise

LanAgent Enterprise icon

LanAgent Enterprise is a four-part program consisting of an agent, server, security specialist program, and a system administrator program.


Kryptel icon

Kryptel is a time-proven solution for encrypted data storage and backup.