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FileOnePasser icon

If you have important files that need to be protected, FileOnePasser is for you.


FileMax icon

Digital security is the most important and dangerous thing in the world for all pc users nowadays.


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CryptoForge is easy-to-use data encryption software for high-level security.

File Encrypt Decrypt

File Encrypt Decrypt icon

It will encrypt your files with the most powerful AES-256 encryption algorithm, and make it impossible for hackers to break it.

File Encoder Application

File Encoder Application icon

With a graphical interface easy to use, it allows you to encrypt and decrypt files.

File Destroyer (Master Resale Rights)

File Destroyer (Master Resale Rights) icon

"If you want to be sure that your files are permanently deleted, you need File Destroyer.

File Access Helper

File Access Helper icon

If you need to prevent people from having unauthorized access to files and registry keys, File Access Helper is for you.

Exe Guarder

Exe Guarder icon

If you are worried about people having unauthorized access to your programs, Exe Guarder is for you.


EULAyzer icon

EULAyzer is a useful, free Windows software, being part of the category Security software with subcategory Encryption.


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"If you have sensitive files that need to be permanently erased, EugeneShredder is for you.


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Encrypt Stick software turns any Flash Drive into a portable Digital Privacy Manager (DPM). The Digital Privacy Manager allows the user to easily protect, secure and manage their sensitive files.

Encryptor «Transposition cipher»

Encryptor «Transposition cipher» icon

The program encrypts and decrypts text using the algorithm of the Transposition cipher.