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DUN Shield

DUN Shield icon

If you need to secure your Internet access, DUN Shield is your all-in-one solution.

Drop Secure Professional for Windows

Drop Secure Professional for Windows icon

If you have Windows and need top-notch encryption for your files, then you need Drop Secure Professional for Windows.

DoSWF MINI(flash swf encryption)

DoSWF MINI(flash swf encryption) icon

DoSWF can do encrypt, obfuscate to swf files.


DOchrana icon

DOchrana is a utility which will hide the Cancel button from login dialog in Windows systems.

Disk Defensor

Disk Defensor icon

If you need top-notch encryption, you need Disk Defensor.


Disguise icon

If you need top-notch encryption, you need Disguise for your files.

Digital-Fever Hash Computer

Digital-Fever Hash Computer icon

Universal Hash Computer Tool.

Digital-Fever Hash Bruteforcer

Digital-Fever Hash Bruteforcer icon

A lightening fast hash cracker supporting all popular hash types.

DigiSecret Pro

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DigiSecret Pro is a good, trial version software only available for Windows, belonging to the category Security software with subcategory Encryption and has been created by Tamos.

DigiSecret Lite

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If you need a powerful and easy-to-use tool for file encryption and sharing, DigiSecret Lite is for you.