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Elcomsoft System Recovery Basic

Elcomsoft System Recovery Basic icon

Save the hassle of formatting your disk or reinstalling Windows when you forget your account password with System Recovery Basic.


eCipher icon

Are you worried about privacy in your email communications? If so, you can trust your messages to eCipher from now on.

east-tec SafeBit

east-tec SafeBit icon

east-tec SafeBit 2 is the perfect electronic vault you need for your privacy.

EAM Standardl Edition

EAM Standardl Edition icon

EAM Standard Edition is activity monitoring software.

EAM Professional Edition

EAM Professional Edition icon

If you are an employer, you need EAM Professional Edition.

e Parental Control Software

e Parental Control Software icon

If you are a parent, you need e Parental Control Software.

DUN Shield

DUN Shield icon

If you need to secure your Internet access, DUN Shield is your all-in-one solution.

Drop Secure Professional for Windows

Drop Secure Professional for Windows icon

If you have Windows and need top-notch encryption for your files, then you need Drop Secure Professional for Windows.

DP-Multi Crypt

DP-Multi Crypt icon

DP-Multi Crypt is a free program only available for Windows.

DoSWF MINI(flash swf encryption)

DoSWF MINI(flash swf encryption) icon

DoSWF can do encrypt, obfuscate to swf files.


DOchrana icon

DOchrana is a utility which will hide the Cancel button from login dialog in Windows systems.

Disk Defensor

Disk Defensor icon

If you need top-notch encryption, you need Disk Defensor.