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WiFi Password Decryptor

WiFi Password Decryptor icon

With WiFi Password Decryptor, you can recover lost or forgotten passwords for your wireless network.

Free Rar password unlocker

Free Rar password unlocker icon

Free Rar password unlocker allow you to recover forgotten password for WinRar WinZip or 7Zip archives with brute-force, masked brute-force and dictionary attacks.

Password Cracker

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Pretty much everything requires a password these days from social media sites to online shopping outlets and they often have different requirements too.

WiFi Password Key Generator

WiFi Password Key Generator icon

WiFi Password Key Generator is the free desktop tool to quickly create secure Wireless WEP/WPA/WPA2 keys.

Password Viewer

Password Viewer icon

Anyone who has trouble remembering the passwords that they set on their computer could find a solution in Password Viewer.

WinRAR Remover

WinRAR Remover icon

With all the commotion going on around the internet about data protection and privacy, you may find yourself inconvenienced.

Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker

Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker icon

So you've got an ZIP file and it's password protected, but you've forgotten the access key? Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker is the answer to your prayers!.

Wi-Fi Password Key Generator

Wi-Fi Password Key Generator icon

Wifi Password Key Generator creates secure password keys for your wireless network.


KeyMaker icon

If you need a pin (key) for your computer or you are encrypting files and you need a key or you need a password for something and you are security conscious you can have the Keymaker create a password pin or key for you.


FacebookPasswordDecryptor icon

This program can no longer be downloaded.

Windows Password Unlocker Standard

Windows Password Unlocker Standard icon

Windows Password Unlcoker Professional provides you an easy and safe solution when you forgot logon password for Windows 7/Vista/XP/ 2008/2003/2000 machines.

WiFi Password Remover

WiFi Password Remover icon

With WiFi Password Remover you can first recover, and then delete the passwords stored on your PC WiFi networks.