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Revelation can be a real lifesaver in many situations where you desperately need that password you just can't remember anymore.

Remote MySQL Password Finder

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Remote MySQL Password Finder is a very useful tool which can crack the password of any user on a local or remote MySQL Server by brute-force.


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Remembear is an excellent way for users to store and retrieve sensitive passwords with the click of a button.

ReGen - Password Generator

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ReGen - Password Generator - is a program for generating strong passwords.

Recovery Toolbox for PDF Password

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The Adobe PDF format is the king of today's online document exchange and because so many people entrust valuable information to this format and protect it with passwords, a lot of them eventually face the problem of recovering a password or its part and regaining access to their information.

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express Password

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Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express Password is the easiest password recovery service for Outlook Express email client that you may find.

Random Labs

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If you run out of ideas when selecting a new password you should try a program like Random Labs before starting to use your dog's name everywhere.


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There is so much remember nowadays regarding passwords, credit card numbers and phone numbers that it's no wonder we get confused and disorganised.


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PWShow is a free Windows software.