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pLocker - Password storage solutions, is a green, no setup program, no plug-ins, free software.

pkiStorage Free Edition

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pkiStorage is an encrypted storage software for your passwords and X.509 certificates.

Phonetic Password Generator

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When you need to come up with a new password, there are two possible options: either you choose a really easy one (easy to remember, easy to crack) or you grab hold of a password generator to create unpronounceable words that you just can't memorize.

PEM Companion

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Password management: generates, stores, deletes, modifies and retains all previous versions of the passwords.

PCWin Recovery

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Windows Password Reset, Domain Password Reset, Product Key and Driver Recovery.


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Tired of having to come up with new, strong passwords every time you sign up for a new online service? It's time to start using PassworG.

Password Vault Manager

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Password Vault Manager is an enterprise solution to manage all your passwords and sensitive information.


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PasswordsPro is a multifunctional and easy-to-use program to work with passwords.


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Ever had the frustrating experience where you just cannot seem to remember your user logon and password for your personal email account, your online banking account, favorite chat or discussion board?.


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If you're finding your ever increasing logins to websites are getting too numerous to recall, why not try a password manager?.


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We all need to remember many passwords and other personal data from email accounts, social networks, twitter, instant messaging, forums, blogs, etc.