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Ever had the frustrating experience where you just cannot seem to remember your user logon and password for your personal email account, your online banking account, favorite chat or discussion board?.


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If you're finding your ever increasing logins to websites are getting too numerous to recall, why not try a password manager?.


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We all need to remember many passwords and other personal data from email accounts, social networks, twitter, instant messaging, forums, blogs, etc.


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Passwordium is a 2 in 1 application that includes two tools for passwords, Password Generator and password strength checker.


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There is nothing more irritating than realizing that Firefox knows your passwords, but you don't.

Password Confidential

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Password Confidential keeps your passwords secure and makes your life easier at the same time.

Password Inventor

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Simple but powerful password generator using cryptographically strong random number generator.

Password Tracker Deluxe

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As the developers point out, remembering passwords can be an absolute nightmare and with more and more needed on the internet, it's an increasing headache.

Password Safer

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It a window based software which allows you to keep multiple passwords at one location.

Password Pond

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Finding the right password is not as easy a task as it seems.