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iSumsoft SQL Password Refixer

iSumsoft SQL Password Refixer icon

iSumsoft SQL Password Refixer is very powerful SQL Server password recovery software with which users can reset SQL Server SA password or other user passwords in Microsoft SQL Server 2014/2012/2008/2005.

Instant MySQL Password Remover

Instant MySQL Password Remover icon

Instant MySQL Password Remover is a very useful tool which can instantly remove the password of any user on a MySQL Server.

Instant Messengers Password Recovery Master

Instant Messengers Password Recovery Master icon

Instant Messengers Password Recovery Master is a handy tool with which you can easily recover the password of almost any IM client.

INI Edit and Password Saver

INI Edit and Password Saver icon

INI-Edit is a great tool when you work with INI files or when you need to organize and save your passwords.

IE AutoLogin

IE AutoLogin icon

IE AutoLogin can take the guesswork out of logging into numerous sites on the Internet Explorer browsing platform.

Hypersocket Single Sign-On

Hypersocket Single Sign-On icon

Hypersocket SSO is free, unlimited and secure one-click single sign-on solution.

How to Unlock PDF Files for Editing

How to Unlock PDF Files for Editing icon

Successfully unlocking PDF files for printing in a sufficient manner and performs unlocking pdf files task very quickly.

Hekasoft PassKeeper

Hekasoft PassKeeper icon

PassKeeper is a free password manager that allows you to store your passwords in an encrypted database protected by a password.

Handy Password

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What are the benefits of using Handy Password?.

Gili USB Stick Encryption

Gili USB Stick Encryption icon

Pendrives (USB sticks) are really handy tools, allowing you to roam far and wide while bringing all your important documents with you.