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Gili USB Stick Encryption

Gili USB Stick Encryption icon

Pendrives (USB sticks) are really handy tools, allowing you to roam far and wide while bringing all your important documents with you.

Games Key Decryptor

Games Key Decryptor icon

With Games Key Decryptor, recover license keys, serial numbers, or CD keys for games installed on your PC.

FXS Password Protect

FXS Password Protect icon

FXS Password Protect is an open source password manager that allows you to save all your passwords in a safe place.

Folder Security

Folder Security icon

Folder Security was developed as an easy-to-use software application that can help you protect the content of your folders.

FlyingBit Password Generator

FlyingBit Password Generator icon

Generating new password every time I subscribe to an online service is not that easy anymore.

Facebook Password Dump

Facebook Password Dump icon

Lost or forgotten your Facebook password? Don't worry, you can retrieve it with Facebook Password Dump in a matter of moments.

Export Microsoft Access MDB to CSV

Export Microsoft Access MDB to CSV icon

Using Export Microsoft Access MDB to CSV you can easily export data from Microsoft Access to tab delimited, comma delimited, or comma delimited with text qualifier files.

Excel Password Recovery

Excel Password Recovery icon

Can not open the password-protected Miscrosoft Excel file with the forgotten password? Do not worry!.

Ever Password

Ever Password icon

Ever Password is a free password manager secures password and account information on you Windows desktop or laptop.

Era Password Manager

Era Password Manager icon

Remembering the number of passwords I've got is often a full-time job.

Efficient Password Manager

Efficient Password Manager icon

Even if you're a newcomer to computing, I'm sure you already know how bad the use-the-same-password-everywhere practice is.