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Era Password Manager

Era Password Manager icon

Remembering the number of passwords I've got is often a full-time job.

Efficient Password Manager

Efficient Password Manager icon

Even if you're a newcomer to computing, I'm sure you already know how bad the use-the-same-password-everywhere practice is.

Easy Peasy Passwords

Easy Peasy Passwords icon

Easy Peasy Passwords is an easy to use password manager and personal data store with encrypted printout.

Easy Login Saver 3.0

Easy Login Saver 3.0 icon

EasyLoginSaver is a free, secure password manager to store all of your sensitive data.


DirectPass icon

With Trend Micro DirectPass, all of your online passwords are managed in one, secure location, requiring you to only remember one password.

Digital Identity

Digital Identity icon

Digital Identity is a system for securely managing passwords and PINs.

Dekart Password Carrier

Dekart Password Carrier icon

Dekart Password Manager is a smart program dedicated to removing off your shoulders the common burden of having to remember tons of complicated passwords.

DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery

DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery icon

DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery (DOPR) is a powerful tool to recover password from encrypted Outlook PST files.

Data Guardian

Data Guardian icon

While most security packages employ 128-bit encryption, Data Guardian goes a lot further with a staggering 448-bit level of protection.

Dalenryder Passwort Generator

Dalenryder Passwort Generator icon

With Dalenryder Password Generator you can generate random and safe passwords or codes and save them in the build-in password manager with a secure encryption.

Cyclonis Password Manager

Cyclonis Password Manager icon

With just one password, Cyclonis Password Manager lets you take control of your passwords & organize your data.

CyberScrub KeyChain

CyberScrub KeyChain icon

Forget remembering those pesky passwords!.