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Ghostpress is a free anti-keylogger software.

Forever Safe

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Forever Safe is cutting edge PC file and folder security with a fresh concept that has 2 layers of security that will keep intruders out of your protected files and folders.


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Reuschtools FileProtection is the reliable solution to protect files from accidental deletion and from being modified by malicious software (Ransomware). In order to protect a file or the content of a folder, click with the right mouse button on the object and choose File Protection.



FayeTRACKER is a replacement application for the netstat feature in Windows.


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e-Surveiller is the world's most powerful software for monitoring and recording every detail of PC and Internet activity - in your home or in your office.


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Drainware is a security service developed to provide control over the sensitive and provide information.

Delphish Technology by SaferSurf

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Delphish Technology by SaferSurf deletes phishing, malware and spam Protects your computer against phishing, malware and spam.


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This software is a powerful video monitoring tool.


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Copy Notify!.

Boss Everyware

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Boss Everyware monitors computer usage for security, troubleshooting and time tracking purposes.

BlackFog Privacy

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BlackFog Privacy keeps your computer safe from prying eyes ensuring you are fully informed about the information flowing in and out of your computer.