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Static Windows Live Mail Backup

Static Windows Live Mail Backup icon

Windows Live Mail Backup is a powerful backup tool.

Static Thunderbird Backup

Static Thunderbird Backup icon

How to backup Thunderbird settings and messages? Use this Thunderbird Backup utility.

Static Outlook Express Backup

Static Outlook Express Backup icon

Outlook Express Backup can backup your Outlook Express messages, settings, Windows Address Book (WAB) to an archive file.

Static Outlook Backup

Static Outlook Backup icon

Outlook Backup is a powerful backup software which can backup all your outlook messages and settings easy and quickly.

Static IncrediMail Backup

Static IncrediMail Backup icon

The Static IncrediMail Backup software program allows you to archive your emails.

Static Eudora Backup

Static Eudora Backup icon

Eudora Backup software is a powerful backup tool which can backup all your emails, Eudora settings into an archive file.

Static EMail Backup

Static EMail Backup icon

Static EMail Backup is an easy-to-use powerful backup tool.

Static Becky Backup

Static Becky Backup icon

Becky Backup is a powerful backup tool which can backup your email and news messages, accounts, rules, contacts, junk mail settings, calendar, stationery, signatures and all Personal Settings into an archive from Becky and restores the Becky data from backup archive.

SSuite Backup Master

SSuite Backup Master icon

SSuite Office - Backup Master is a backup software solution designed to backup your data either on the local computer or onto another system in the network.

SQL Server Backup

SQL Server Backup icon

The user-friendly wizard lets you backup and restore SQL Server database to local harddisk or remote network driver easily and quickly.

SQL Autobackup

SQL Autobackup icon

Used to automatic backup Microsoft SQL Server databaseEasyEasy, no complex configuration; PracticalCan back up multiple databases simultaneously; PowerfulSupport backing up to Local, LAN, FTP and Email.


SpiderOak icon

SpiderOak makes sharing files online easy, even if you don't have a proper web space or the people you want to share them with don't know how to access a FTP server.