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PCNumen Backup Ultimate

PCNumen Backup Ultimate icon

PCNumen Backup Ultimate has the same features as Professional and Server Edition.

PCNumen Backup Server

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PCNumen Backup Server is a tool that enables people using Windows Server to support all kinds of files easily, convenient and systematically.

PCNumen Backup Professional

PCNumen Backup Professional icon

PCNumen Backup Professional is mainly designed for home and business users.

Paragon Drive Backup

Paragon Drive Backup icon

Paragon Drive Backup is a good, trial version program only available for Windows, belonging to the category Security software with subcategory Security Backups and has been created by Paragon-gmbh.

Paradox Doctor

Paradox Doctor icon

Quite a number of programs use Paradox Datenbases (*. db) to store their data.


OwnDrive icon

OwnDrive is an excellent means for users to safely and securely store their data within the cloud environment.

Outlook Express Backup Toolbox

Outlook Express Backup Toolbox icon

Outlook Express Backup Toolbox is an intelligent utility for the safety of Outlook Express email.

Outlook Express Backup Plus

Outlook Express Backup Plus icon

Outlook Express Backup Plus is most populer backup software to create backup copies of Outlook Express email database.

Outlook Express Backup

Outlook Express Backup icon

Outlook Express Backup is a powerful tool for creating backups with Microsoft Outlook Express.

Outlook Backup Toolbox

Outlook Backup Toolbox icon

Microsoft Outlook is by far the most powerful and popular email application in the world.

Outlook Backup 2012

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zebNet Outlook Backup 2012 is a professional application specially designed to easily perform backups of your Microsoft Outlook profile, so that you can restore your profile quickly when you need them.

Outlook Archive Renegade (OAR) Complete

Outlook Archive Renegade (OAR) Complete icon

Outlook Archive Renegade (OAR) Complete lets you protect your email in an easy and efficient way.