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miTracker PC Anti Theft

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Ultimate PC Anti Theft Software, it has double safeguards in protecting PC and data.

Elgindy USB Protector

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This Application Will set selected USB Storage Read Only on all other computers and protecting it from viruses.

Steel Run-As

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Steel Run-As helps you in executing audit commands or any kind of application which runs properly when run only with administrator privileges without having to give the user full rights to his machine.


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What is PrivDog? Simply put PrivDog makes your internet browsing Faster/Safer/Private while still keeping the economy of the internet active and thriving.

Privacy Protector for Windows 10

Privacy Protector for Windows 10 icon

Windows 10 collects details about every action of a user and sends them to Microsoft servers, fully ignoring a right for private activity.

Tracks Eraser

Tracks Eraser icon

You'd probably be shocked at all the traces of your activity that are left on the internet and your computer after you've been using it.

Smart CCTV

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If you are regularly away from the home or the office, it is likely that security is a very real concern.

Password List

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JonDoFox is a free program also available for Mac, belonging to the category Security software and has been created by JonDonym.

Xidie Security Suite

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Xidie claim that their Security Suite offers for free what most other developers make you pay for.


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With security being a growing concern for many computer users, new options for protecting files and data are increasingly important.