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Trend Micro Security Center for Windows 10

Trend Micro Security Center for Windows 10 icon

Trend Micro Security Center for Windows 10 is a free software only available for Windows.

Total Privacy

Total Privacy icon

Total Privacy is a safe and easy-to-use Windows privacy protection tool that securely deletes Internet tracks and program history information stored on your computer.


Torifier icon

Torifier lets you tunnel software applications through Tor without the need to reconfigure them.

SterJo NetStalker

SterJo NetStalker icon

Many of us keep personal/work information in our PC’s, information that is meant strictly for our eyes only.

Startup Select

Startup Select icon

Did you know that each time you turn on your PC, Windows runs a list of programs automatically in the background? This causes icons to be added to your system-tray, hidden programs to execute, a slower PC, and in many cases, spyware to run.

Shadow Professional

Shadow Professional icon

Shadow Professional is a complete suite of tools to keep web activity, files and documents strictly private.

SekurPass Password generator

SekurPass Password generator icon

Generate safe and non-hackable passwords with Sekurpass!.

Secure Cisco Auditor

Secure Cisco Auditor icon

The most advanced network security software in its domain which conducts security assessments and security auditing on Cisco firewalls, routers, and switches.

Secure File Deleter

Secure File Deleter icon

This free tool will wipe content of deleted file, thus nobody will be able to recover it even using special tools.

SecPod Saner

SecPod Saner icon

Identifies vulnerabilities in your applications and operating system.


SafeSpace icon

There may be different reasons to use SafeSpace: to remain protected from malware, to prevent access to your personal data while browsing the Internet or simply to try new applications without the risk of ruining your whole system configuration.