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GcMail Safe

GcMail Safe icon

Simple, small, non-overloading secure password manager that keeps your passwords absolutely safe

Free PDF Password Remover

Free PDF Password Remover icon

Free PDF Password Remover software works independently without any other software like Adobe Reader or Acrobat

Free PDF Password Recovery

Free PDF Password Recovery icon

PDF user password can prevent unauthorized persons from reading and viewing the PDF files, the owner password can block access to certain manipulations of the PDF document, such as editing, copying, printing and changing the PDF document


FinalCrypt icon

FinalCrypt is a file encryption program that encrypts (large) files in a completely different way

EMCO Malware Destroyer

EMCO Malware Destroyer icon

EMCO Malware Destroyer is a safe and effective method to identify any potential software threats found within an operating system

Digesec Hashing Utility

Digesec Hashing Utility icon

Digesec Hashing Utility is a free and easy to use hashing utility which produces the user selected digest (checksum) of any file or text, which can then be used to confirm the file's authenticity, hash passwords, or many other security related operations

Dekart Password Carrier

Dekart Password Carrier icon

Dekart Password Manager is a smart program dedicated to removing off your shoulders the common burden of having to remember tons of complicated passwords

Defencebyte Privacy Shield

Defencebyte Privacy Shield icon

It cleans up the tracking files to help in safeguarding important files and documents

CryptoLocker Scan Tool

CryptoLocker Scan Tool icon

CryptoLocker Scan Tool is a free Windows program

CryptoForge Decrypter

CryptoForge Decrypter icon

Decrypter is a portable, freeware, and easy-to-use app that allows the decryption of files encrypted by CryptoForge encryption software

Crypto Notepad

Crypto Notepad icon

It is often necessary to protect important notes in order to prevent them from being accessed by others, but text editors that offer encryption features are sometimes too complex for users who just want a secure Notepad alternative

Crystal Security

Crystal Security icon

Crystal Security is an anti-malware freeware created by Kardo Kristal