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RegRun Reanimator

RegRun Reanimator icon

RegRun Reanimator is a free Windows software.

Recover PDF Password

Recover PDF Password icon

Recover PDF Password is a trial version software also available for Mac.

OPSWAT Security Score

OPSWAT Security Score icon

OPSWAT Security Score is a free program only available for Windows.


Nessus icon

Nessus focuses on the developement of security checks for recent security holes.

Hidden Files Viewer

Hidden Files Viewer icon

Hidden Files Viewer is a free software only available for Windows.


WizzTree icon

Even modern hard drives can experience performance problems due to the presence of large folders or files that require an excessive amount of memory.

Windows Vulnerability Scanner

Windows Vulnerability Scanner icon

Windows Vulnerability Scanner checks your system for security vulnerabilities in your system.

Windows Credentials Viewer

Windows Credentials Viewer icon

Windows Credentials Viewer is a lightweight utility designed to help you retrieve the credentials you stored over time in Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Wifi Credentials Viewer

Wifi Credentials Viewer icon

The best tool to enumerate and fetch all stored Wi-Fi credentials., Created by Michael Haephrati, founder of Secured Globe, Inc.

UsbFix Free

UsbFix Free icon

A virus contained within a USB storage device can quickly corrupt other files and an entire operating system; leading to potentially dreadful consequences.

Theft Alarm for Windows 10

Theft Alarm for Windows 10 icon

Theft Alarm for Windows 10 is a free software only available for Windows.


Textcrypt icon

Program for encrypting text files with a time expensive method.