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Sophos Home Premium

Sophos Home Premium icon

Sophos Home Premium for PC and Mac can protect home networks running both types of machine simultaneously.


ProtectU icon

You will have your PC updated with last malware and virus everytime.

Microsoft Malware Prevention Troubleshooter

Microsoft Malware Prevention Troubleshooter icon

Microsoft Malware Prevention Troubleshooter is an amazing, free Windows program.

EMCO Malware Destroyer

EMCO Malware Destroyer icon

EMCO Malware Destroyer is a safe and effective method to identify any potential software threats found within an operating system.

CryptoLocker Scan Tool

CryptoLocker Scan Tool icon

CryptoLocker Scan Tool is a free Windows program.


ContaCam icon

ContaCam delivers a rich and hassle-free CCTV system which is especially well suited for home or small-business use.

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client icon

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is Cisco Systems’ security application featuring VPN client support.

Avira Free Software Updater

Avira Free Software Updater icon

Too busy to update every time a “remind-me-later” window pops up? Waiting until later means you’re system is at its most vulnerable.